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Microwave Maintenance

March 21, 2017

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Microwave Maintenance

March 21, 2017

In some households the microwave gets more of a work out than the oven does. The microwave cooks food a lot faster than the oven does and in this busy day and age we all need a little help getting dinner on the table at a reasonable time. We need to make sure our microwaves are at their best performance wise so they can help us with dinner time when we need it.


How To Keep Your Microwave In Tip Top Shape:


1.  Leave the repair of electronic parts to a professional

The microwave can store thousands of volts of electricity in the high voltage capacitor, even after it has been unplugged.


2. Clean the interior

Food particles and splatters absorb the microwaves energy and can cause burns to the microwave as well as fires.


3. Close the door carefully

Do not slam the door, this could cause damage to the latch mechanism, which usually has three switches that close in a particular order


4. Use the preset cooking times

This enables the microwave to heat food more effectively while conserving energy


5. Never run it empty

This can cause the magnetron to overheat and fail because the microwaves energy is not being absorbed when it is running while nothing is in it


6.  Use only microwave safe dishware

Many glass products are not microwave safe. Never use dishware with metal parts or gold or silver plating in a microwave. Never put aluminum foil in the microwave.


7. Avoid surge damage

Plug your microwave into a surge protector to protect the circuitry from damage caused by lightning or other power fluctuations.


8. Replace common parts

Replace turntables, light bulbs, charcoal filters , etc. when the need arises


9.  Use caution while heating water in the microwave

Heating water in a microwave in not advised as superheating can occur. Superheating causes water to be much hotter to the point of boiling but it does not appear that way which can result in injury.



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